melissa hobely.jpg

Melissa Hobley

CMO, OK Cupid

"Chelsea is the voice of a generation. Her compassion and empathy is matched by her knowledge of the opioid epidemic, addiction, and how communities can play a role in saving lives. I've witnessed Chelsea get support from powerful politicians, community leaders and corporate CEOs...all while fighting for those who are impacted. She has a gift in winning support and enthusiasm for her cause, and delivering measurable impact -- not just excitement. Can't say enough about Chelsea's abilities to to deliver insights, strategy, and impact."


George Filenko

Former Chief of Police, Round Lake Park Police Department

"Chelsea Laliberte Barnes exemplifies, leadership, compassion and dedication. Hundreds of lives have been saved, thousands have been impacted by her creating partnerships in the battle against opioid addiction."

stacy harding.jpg

Stacy Harding

Founder, Inspiration Outreach Foundation

"When I think of Chelsea and her strengths, there are so many to list. I think of her ability to understand the value of building long lasting relationships. Her unbelievable work ethic!  Her fearless and passionate nature that brings positive results. She has the patience and the ability to inspire and teach people with her knowledge."

mary roberson.jpg

Dr. Mary Roberson

CEO, Northern Illinois Recovery Community Center

"Chelsea is a phenomenal social justice advocate and change agent!! Chelsea's impact across all racial, gender and systemic platforms has impressed my organization and its mission and vision for our communities."

mike nerheim.jpg

Mike Nerheim

Former Lake County State’s Attorney

"Chelsea is an incredibly thoughtful and dynamic leader.  When Chelsea puts her mind to something, it gets done, and it gets done right.  She has the unique ability to bring people together and inspire those around her."

danielle tarino.jpg

Danielle Tarino

President & CEO, Young People in Recovery

"Chelsea is a thoughtful and experienced leader in the field. Her public policy and non-profit work speaks for itself, and is a beacon of hope for our field and communities across America."

laura crain.jpg

Laura Crain

Drug-Free Program Coordinator,

McHenry County Substance Abuse Coalition

"Chelsea has a unique combination of skills that leads to change in communities.  Her ability to share her passion and personal experience through the lens of her professional training creates a learning environment that is both comfortable and inspiring."

Daniel Rabbit.jpg

Dan Rabbitt

Health Policy Manager, Heartland Alliance

"Chelsea is a passionate harm reduction provider and advocate. Her tireless commitment to helping those struggling with addiction was essential to the passage of the Illinois Overdose Prevention and Harm Reduction Act and continues to drive the Illinois response to the opioid overdose epidemic. She is a trusted partner to Heartland Alliance and a dear friend to all those hoping to save lives and help all Illinoisans recover from substance use disorders."