"Facts don't persuade, feelings do. 

And stories are the best way to get at those feelings."

- Tom Asacker

Beautiful Landscape


My battle with the mirror and my mind started young. I struggled for years with anxiety and depression rooted in trauma. Only vices could relieve the pain. At 23, my entire world crumbled when I lost my little brother, Alex, to a polysubstance overdose. Unimaginable devastation and confusion awoke a sleeping dragon within me. A newfound passion built a grassroots movement to end the opioid overdose epidemic. I spent years performing harm reduction outreach work in homeless encampments. I've spent thousands of hours in the living rooms of families in strife. My work has taken me to the White House and the offices of too many congressmen to name. This journey has taught me that knowledge, grit, support, and a bit of chutzpah, can turn a dream into reality. And, I'm just getting started.


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