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Welcome to CLB Strategies!

Today, I am excited, nervous, and energized to share the news with you all that I am embarking on a new chapter in my life. CLB Strategies, my advocacy consulting company, is now open for business! My mission is to support, guide, and empower emerging leaders and advocates and evolving nonprofits on their unique change-making journeys. If you are interested in making “good trouble” or challenging the status quo, join the free Advocacy Apparatus Community group for ideas, inspiration, strategies, and support! Whether you are an activist looking for guidance, or running an organization that wants to make a change or achieve new goals, I can help with: One-on-one or team-based coaching and consulting, Speaking to groups about my personal story, losing my brother, and the advocacy mission that followed (and continues today), Training leaders and staff on core nonprofit practices, mental health, advocacy skills, and more Ultimately, I want to help people hone their passion. Doing bold things and creating change is taking the road less traveled. It is inherently challenging, but incredibly rewarding! Check out my video to learn more! Let’s go!


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