Our Quest


To build a safe, inclusive, accessible, and dynamic community of advocates, changemakers, or anyone yearning to make a difference.



To support, guide, and empower emerging leaders and advocates, evolving nonprofits, and established organizations on their unique journeys


Guiding Principles & Values: 

  • EVERYONE can take part in and use CLB’s free online resources. This includes The Advocacy Apparatus Community, Squeeze the Day blog, and all other digital tools. 

  • Confidentiality, mutual trust and respect is paramount. 

  • Any growth and change work is challenging. We want to create the safest possible environments when engaging with advocates.

  • Anyone brave enough to do something about a problem deserves a seat at the table.

  • "Nothing about us without us" applies to every issue affecting humans, and we will always fight for it. Affected people belong in all rooms where decisions about them are being made.

  • We reject any and all harmful historical norms and systems of oppression.

  • Using available evidence, experience, and lessons learned to drive change. 

  • Lifting up and showcasing beautiful, diverse voices and stories. 

  • If we’re not being bold, we are not doing enough.

  • We will always stay open for feedback and we welcome constructive criticism.