Recovery on the Real:  Health and Stability in a Time of Instability

Recovery on the Real: Health and Stability in a Time of Instability

In this Recovery on the Real discussion, we will explore 'Health and Stability in a Time of Instability' by providing: - information around the difficult subjects of trauma, anxiety, grief, financial hardship/the economy and its impact on recovery capital - the dangers to daily work/life of patriarchal concepts like work grind, limited/no rest or self-care, and “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” - tangible coping skills and resources for dealing with stress, depression, and panic Danielle Tarino is YPR's President & CEO. She is the Founder & Vice President of Code-X, a revolutionary cybersecurity company. Prior to this, Danielle held multiple positions in the federal government and in the nonprofit sector. At the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), she was the agency’s Health Information Technology Team Lead. She is considered to be a national expert in substance use disorder patient Privacy and Confidentiality, health IT, and youth recovery issues. Danielle holds a B.A. from Rutgers College and a Master’s from Georgetown University. Danielle is in long-term recovery and a proud alumna of the Rutgers Recovery House. Chelsea Laliberté Barnes, MSSA, LSW -Clinical social worker focused on substance use disorders & co-occurring challenges -Cofounder & Board Co-Chair, Live4Lali -Cofounder, Lake County Opioid Initiative -Cofounder, Illinois Harm Reduction & -Recovery Coalition -Overdose Education & Naloxone -Distribution Trainer -SMART Recovery Facilitator Chelsea Laliberté Barnes is an authentic voice and leader in the movement to promote compassion, justice, and resources to patients and families impacted by substance use and mental health. She has advised local, state and federal government entities regarding comprehensive community strategies to reduce stigma and overdose deaths, enhance support and recovery opportunities, and decrease barriers to quality care. Laliberté Barnes’ passion ignited when she lost her younger brother, Alex “Lali” Laliberte, suddenly to a polysubstance overdose in 2008. Along with her parents, Chelsea developed Live4Lali in 2009, which has a mission to reduce stigma and prevent substance use disorders among individuals, families, and communities, and minimize the overall health, legal and social harms associated with substance use. Live4Lali takes an innovative, comprehensive, and compassionate approach to helping people with substance use disorders, their loved ones, professionals, and communities. Chelsea is in long-term recovery from mental health challenges and is a counselor in private practice at Cherry Hill Counseling, based in Lake Zurich, IL. Before devoting her life to this mission, Chelsea was a digital marketing and advertising professional. She received her BA in Integrated Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University in Chicago where in 2012 she was a Fellow with the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy; a research institute focused on identifying drug trends to influence policymaking. Chelsea became an Overdose Education & Naloxone Distribution (OEND) trainer in 2013 and received her SMART Recovery Facilitator certification in 2016. Chelsea received a Master of Science in Social Administration (MSSA) degree with a specialization in Child & Family Mental Health from Case Western Reserve University in 2017. She, her husband, their son and two dogs live in the suburbs of Chicago.

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