Education & Training

 Mental Health, Substance Use, and Opioid Overdose Crisis 

  • Harm Reduction Strategy, Practice, Policy and Clinical Skills

  • Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Distribution 

  • Compassionate Interactions with People Using Drugs

  • The Continuum of Substance Use and Recovery

  • Evidence-Based Treatment and Recovery Strategies 

  • Rapport Building and Motivational interviewing 

  • Peer Support for Individuals and Families 

  • Navigating Families Through Mental Health Challenges

  • Grief Support for Mental Health and Substance-Related Deaths

  • Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care - “Any Positive Change”

  • Co-Occurring Challenges and Trends

  • America's Opioid Overdose Crisis: What Went Wrong & How We Fix It

Leadership & Advocacy 101

  • Social Change Through Community Organizing and Coalition Building

  • Multi-Level Advocacy and Strategies for Impact

  • Selling Your Story: Media and Communications Strategies for Leaders & Staff

  • Nonprofit & Board Development 

  • Self-Care for Leaders & Teams

  • Building an Effective Community-Based Mental Health Service Organization

  • Finding & Developing Quality Talent

  • Creating a Culture of Vulnerability, Passion, and People First

  • Peer Support & Clinical Skills for Organizational Leaders

  • Human Behavioral Challenges in the Workplace

  • So You Want To Start a Nonprofit - NPO Training for Families and Advocates 

In a world where knowledge is at our fingertips, it often can feel overwhelming determining what you need to know about, especially if you are starting a nonprofit or community service. When my parents and I launched Live4Lali in 2009, we were clueless and learned as went. Many people launching programs do not have business backgrounds but are loaded with passion. Do not stop whatever you are doing to get your MBA! There are many resources out there for you, including me! I have an arsenal of training programs and tools to help you get where you want to go:

CLB teaching a classroom full of students
CLB teaching