Coaching & Consulting

I specialize in creating change and helping people achieve goals, and I am good at it! It is who I am at my core. My career in social work focuses on meeting people where they are at. It involves massive collaborations to pursue justice for the most vulnerable among us. 


Understanding human beings translates across all industries and arenas. As a psychotherapist, nonprofit leader, and marketer, I have tested this out over and again. Some attempts result in success and others required retooling. It is all part of the process. 


It all comes down to this question: 

What do YOU need? 


It is possible that you might not know the answer to that question. And, that's ok. No journey worth taking starts out paved for you. Here are examples of who and how I can help:


Emerging community leaders and aspiring advocates

I was you once, and at times it feels like I still am! You have the drive, passion, and determination, and a boatload of other strengths. Honing those characteristics and opportunities is pivotal. But it can be hard to see the forest through the trees when you are trying to make a difference. Pursuing any dream is empowering, but it can be lonely and overwhelming. I know, because I needed someone to tell me these things!


Doing something bold deserves support. Consider one-on-one coaching focused on building skills and tools, plans, strategies, and beyond. I can help you set and achieve SMART goals, lending an empathetic and honest ear throughout. Reach out to me at your convenience to schedule a consultation. 


Impact-driven nonprofit organizations and coalitions

Founding, managing, growing, and sustaining any community-based effort can be all-encompassing. At times - depending on many factors - it can feel like building a plane while flying it. Your group might be feeling stuck as you determine how to grow. Your leaders might be experiencing a significant case of "Founders Syndrome". No matter what your organization is facing, it is solvable. Bringing in a patient and goal-oriented coach has always been in my toolbox. 


Solving community issues is demanding. To keep focused on your mission, consider team-based coaching or consulting. Reach out to me at your convenience to schedule a consultation. 


Not seeing your need here? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me at your convince. If I am not the best fit for you, don't worry, I work with many professionals who will be. 

Room full of leaders being lectured.
CLB surrounded by team

The CLB Approach

My style is strategic, compassionate, and goal-oriented. I am fortunate to have worked with many individuals, families, organizations, and communities. 


As a social worker, my sweet spot is - you guessed it - social justice issues. Mental health, criminal justice reform, and the opioid overdose epidemic are close to my heart. (Read more about my aim to help end the War on Drugs here)


My education and early career in communications exposed me to understanding how people process information. And, how cultural, spiritual and biopsychosocial factors influence the ways connections build or break.


As a nonprofit leader and clinical social worker, I have worn many hats:


- Educator

- Public policy advocate

- Program developer

- Researcher

- Peer support group facilitator

- Community coalition developer

- Relationship builder 

- Shoulder to cry on

- Team member

- Student

- Board member

- Steward of hope


Each of these roles provides me with a unique and dynamic lens and skillset. 


I have been fortunate to work with incredible mentors. Although my trusted teachers have been those I serve. Some of those services and settings include:


- Providing guidance for families starting charities or operational nonprofits.


- Training and consulting an array of communities. Some of these include school districts and universities, government agencies, and community groups. 


- Harm reduction outreach targeting homeless individuals using drugs and facing stifling challenges. Each person came with unique circumstances and unforgettable strengths. Their beauty, creativity, and aching for comfort moved me.


- Launching and managing a substance use recovery support hotline with a multi-million dollar budget. Best practices for hiring and modeling, quality training, and human connection matter! 


- Researching, writing, and advocating for sensible drug policy legislation. Partnerships, networking with legislators, and data is critical!


- Developing and implementing programs with targeted impact. Launching a program is the easy part. Marketing it, funding it, and sustaining it are always challenging but fun!


With thousands of hours of practice as a psychotherapist and educator, I know how much our stories matter. I use evidence-based components in every area of my work. Through psychology, vulnerability, creativity, and narratives, change and growth are always possible. It is a privilege to be a part of such intimate, dynamic change-oriented efforts. 


The core of my philosophy is the notion that we are all striving to be understood, validated, and valued. I bring those tenets into every environment no matter the issue!

CLB teaching

Services include the following:


  • Guiding groups as they develop their mission, vision, values, priorities, and goals

  • Comprehensive communications planning and strategy 

  • Facilitating meetings and strategy sessions

  • Developing and executing training, seminars, and conferences

  • Designing, implementing, and evaluating impactful programs

  • Building operational frameworks grounded in data and results

  • Connecting people and identifying subject matter experts

  • Technical assistance and coaching for leaders, managers, and teams

  • Taking your vision and helping to turn it into a reality 

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